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4 Ways Luxury Cabanas Can Increase Hotel Profits

By December 16, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Polynesian Cabanas - Resort Renovations

More than a luxury design feature for your outdoor hotel space, commercial cabanas can also generate more revenue. When creating an attractive pool area, luxury cabanas can add an upscale feel and turn the area into a guest experience. Here are some ways in which luxury cabanas can be used to increase your hotel sales and profits.

Marketing opportunities

If you’re fresh out of new marketing ideas for your hotel, have you considered promoting your cabanas? This is a great way to highlight your hotel’s luxury cabanas — and bring in new and repeat guests. You may even want to offer a free cabana rental as part of a promotion — whatever works for your customers.

High-end clientele

With a luxury cabana area available for rentals, you can target clientele with more discriminating tastes and a bigger budget. These guests appreciate upgrades and amenities and are willing to pay extra for the experience.

Cabana packages

Play up the fact that your hotel offers cabana rentals with cabana packages. These deals can also be used to upsell clients on other services, like food and beverages, or tie in the packages with other amenities on your property.

Book events

An attractive outdoor space designed with commercial cabanas that can be arranged instantly gives you a prime location that can be rented out for hosting events at your hotel. Be sure to market your resort cabanas as a desirable event venue. This could work for summer parties, birthday parties, business events, cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, and more.

While commercial cabanas may be an initial investment for your hotel, they can enhance the overall look of your outdoor areas and help you increase your hotel’s profits. As you select design features for your hotel, choose key elements that can also benefit your bottom line. 

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