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4 Resort Areas Where Guests Unwind

By October 8, 2019May 22nd, 2023No Comments

As a hospitality expert, you work hard to deliver a relaxing experience.  Guests look to a hotel stay as more than a trip out of town; it’s an escape from the daily grind and an opportunity to soak in a little R&R.

And while rooms are prepped for the perfect peaceful retreat – a mixture of cushy down pillows with firm ones, high thread count sheets, and a duvet that you want to drape around your shoulders during your entire stay, there are other resort areas where people love to unwind.

Luxurious Lobbies

What used to be just a central space near the hotel reception area, the lobby is a popular gathering point for guests and nook for networking.  More resorts are turning lobbies into oversized living rooms with magnificent fireplaces, ridiculously comfortable furniture, and relaxing tech spaces that allow guests to work and socialize with a view of the action.  

People might almost feel uncomfortable waiting in the lobby with their bags nowadays; it almost like wearing your shoes indoors. The lobby is like the city square of your hotel.  It serves as the first impression your guests have when they enter your resort. Whether couples whisper over a glass of wine or the work-hard, play-hard mindsets burn the midnight oil on their laptops using the hotel WiFi, your lobby sets the ambiance. 

Beautiful Bars

If your guests like a little help with their relaxation, they often head to the bar – one of the most popular spots in a hotel property.  Is your hotel bar on par? Forbes published this list of the world’s 44 best hotel bars. Take a gander!

It’s no surprise that travelers frequent the bar at a resort.  They often have an incredible view of the property, and it’s a great place to get the lay of the land if you’re new in town.  Referred to by Albert Einstein as a “pharmacist with a limited inventory,” the bartender is the quarterback of the action. He/she often determines the temperament of the guest and sets the tempo of the mood. They may not be the first impression at your property, but a good bartender can help diffuse tension in the weary and agitated traveler or excite the downbeat guest.  For many guests, these resort areas are a must-stop.

Fantastic Fitness Centers

We know how much a spa can put your mind, body, and soul at ease.  The hotel gym or fitness center can have an incredible impact on the tense traveler as well.  A simple run on a treadmill or a light workout session can relax the body for what lies ahead.  Lodging Magazine outlines the guest preference for a fuller fitness experience at hotels.  Fitness is a robust $500 billion industry, and for many upscale travelers, it is part of the vacation experience.

While you may think that a person chooses a stay at a nice resort to do nothing, the opposite is actually the case. Yahoo News published an article about wealthy hotel guests, and it featured statistics from a 2016 study by Luxury Travel Report.  The report revealed that fitness centers are twice as important to wealthier travelers as compared to other guests. This is why you see more state-of-the-art spas and decked out fitness centers at properties across the world.  

Comfortable Cabanas

You don’t have to be a sun worshipper to enjoy time on the patio or at the pool. Resort Cabanas are the hottest commodities in the outdoor hospitality world.  Whether you are having a suntan session with brief breaks in the cabana, or you are enjoying the function of the cabana at an evening pool event, resort cabanas create an element of privacy and seclusion in a public setting or during a special event.

Cabanas accommodate all types of travelers.  Couples can retreat to their own secluded area at the pool and enjoy a reprieve from the sun’s intense rays during summer.  Families, especially those with little ones, can set up camp and enjoy a day of mixed in-the-sun and out-of-the-sun pool activity. Because the younger kids often need a nap after sun and pool activity, cabanas offer the perfect respite for those tuckered out tots.  Cabanas also can hold the party. Many bachelor and bachelorette parties have utilized cabanas as their home base during a day or night at the pool. With more upscale nighttime pool activity happening, table service in these resort areas make way to cabana service.  This keeps the party going all night long in comfort and style.

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