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3 Ways to Minimize Risk at Your Resort with Your Resort Cabanas

By July 8, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
3 Ways to Minimize Risk at Your Resort with Your Resort Cabanas

As a resort owner or manager, creating strategies to minimize risk is always a top priority. While an incredible outdoor space with highly sought-after amenities is important for attracting guests, it may also pose certain hospitality risks that need to be navigated. For example, your outdoor spaces require you to think about (and plan for) fire hazards, bad weather, and dangerously hot summer temperatures.  Luckily, your top-quality resort cabanas can naturally help you minimize the impact of those risks, protect your guests and employees, and maximize your assets.

Fire-Related Risks

There are many considerations that will help you minimize fire risks in your outdoor spaces.  One of the most important is to consider prohibiting smoking in all areas of the property, including outdoor areas, or, at least, limiting smoking to a very well-planned smoking area.  It’s also essential to ensure all electrical equipment, such as lighting, inspected regularly and kept clear of foliage and other debris.

When it comes to your resort cabanas, umbrellas, and other shade solutions, you can minimize fire risks by investing in products that are crafted with fire resistant fabric.  For example, FIRESIST® fabric is fire-resistant and has passed several flame-retardant requirements, including California State Fire Marshal Title 19. Using state-of-the-art technology, the fiber used to make FIRESIST fabrics is inherently fire retardant and will not leach or wash out during the life of the fabric.

Additionally, be sure your maintenance team is diligent about removing any debris from fabric-based assets, as leaves and other debris can become susceptible to fire as it dries.

Bad Weather Risks

Whether it’s sudden squalls or seasonal hurricanes, it’s important to consider ways to minimize the risk of damage to your outdoor amenities and, more importantly, to your guests.  Heed all weather advisories and make it a standard practice to shut down access to the resort’s outdoor space as a precaution.  Lightweight outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs and tables, should be securely stored when bad weather is imminent.

Realistically, if your resort cabanas are going to be outside, then they should be “engineered” cabanas, which are designed withstand the weather that’s common in your climate.  Choose cabanas that are fabricated for strength and durability – both in the frame construction and the fabric covering.  Remember, there’s a major difference between commercial-grade cabanas and the residential versions you’d purchase in a retail store. The lower-quality cabanas will inevitably pose more of a risk than they’re worth if bad weather kicks up.

Guest and Employee Health Risks

Heat-related health risks are a leading concern of resorts located in warmer climates – and rightfully so.  Many travelers, especially those visiting from cooler climates, experience health issues such as sunburn, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. Likewise, employees who work long hours under the sun are also at a significant risk.

One of the simplest ways to protect your guests and your employees from the heat is to set up self-serve water stations throughout the resort’s outdoor space.  Shade is also an essential way to minimize risk, so ensure employees’ outdoor workstations are situated in the shade, such as situating snack carts or towel stations safely inside cabanas.  Similarly, encourage guests to reserve poolside or beach cabanas, so they can enjoy the resort’s outdoor space all day long.

As an operator of a resort with outdoor recreational spaces, risk management should be a top priority. Whether the concern is extreme weather or guest health, resort cabanas can help minimize the risk that naturally accompanies your resort’s outdoor space.

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