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3 Reasons Your Property Needs Resort Cabanas for Spring Break

By February 1, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
3 Reasons Your Property Needs Resort Cabanas for Spring Break

The season is almost here to welcome the spring break crowd to your hotel and resort.  To make this season even more successful than past years, it’s time to consider adding resort cabanas to your pool or beach areas.  Commercial-grade cabanas come in a wide-range of sizes, designs, and price-points, so it’s easy to find the perfect option for your property.

Resort and hotel property operators love their resort cabanas because they offer a wide range of benefits for the property, including more revenue, more luxury, and a more comfortable guest experience.  With the jam-packed spring break crowds, these benefits become even more magnified.

Generate More Revenue

Every consumer-driven business looks for ways to upsell their clients during the purchase cycle; it’s just good business.  Adding resort cabanas to your amenities gives your sales team the ability to generate more revenue through room packages and individual cabana rentals.  During spring break, properties can rent their cabanas at a higher rate, and they can market their cabanas for private parties.

Additionally, food and beverage service in the cabanas gives your staff an additional opportunity for increasing the guest spend while also improving the guest’s experience on the property.  For spring break, your property will have the added benefit of being able to better monitor the alcohol consumption of the guests staying in the cabanas, as your servers will be interacting with each person on a one-on-one basis.

Offer More Luxury

Adding high-quality resort cabanas to your property can help elevate your property and increase your guest appeal in many different ways, including improved aesthetics, an enhanced guest experience, and added VIP allure.  During the competitive spring break season, this luxury becomes even more important because it can be one of your major differentiators.

Make sure your resort cabana rentals are visible on your website and consider offering rental packages when your guests are booking their room.  After all, the more your hotel stands out from the competition, the more likely you are to be at full occupancy.

Provide More Comfort

From a home base where guests can leave their belongings to a shady oasis where they can take a break from the hot sun, commercial-grade resort cabanas provide guests incredible amounts of comfort and convenience.  As the spring break crowds pack the pool and beach area at your resort, this comfort becomes even more valuable.

If there are days when your resort cabanas aren’t fully booked during the spring break period, be sure to remind your front desk staff to target families and adult groups, as the “comfort benefit” will certainly be appreciated by these target groups.

Explore Your Options for Resort Cabanas for Spring Break

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