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3 Essential Steps for Promotional Campaigns | Resort Marketing Tips

By September 5, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
3 Essential Steps for Promotional Campaigns | Resort Marketing Tips

Whether you’re creating buzz at the height of the travel season or you’re looking to boost occupancy during the slower months, promotional campaigns are ideal for achieving your resort marketing goals.  However, these campaigns require careful planning in order to maximize their success and minimize the potential for problems.

Here are three often-overlooked steps when building promotional campaigns to support your resort marketing mission.

Resort Marketing Tip #1 – Pay Attention to the Details

It may sound elementary, but resort marketing coordinators who are the most successful are those who consider each detail prior to launching their promotional campaigns.  Otherwise, campaigns can lead to more headaches than conversions.

Beyond identifying what participants will win, it’s important to ask yourself:

  • Is this a sweepstakes or a giveaway (there’s a big legal difference)?
  • What do people need to do to participate in our promotion and what are the rules for entry?
  • How will we communicate with the winner(s)?
  • How many guests can accompany the winner?
  • What happens if the winner can’t come to our hotel or resort?
  • If we’re envisioning a cross-platform campaign, how will we stay organized with the entries?

Whether you’re providing a free night at the resort or a value-add giveaway such as a free poolside cabana rental, it’s essential to anticipate future problems and your guests’ needs to ensure a seamless resort marketing campaign.

Resort Marketing Tip #2 – Give Your Campaign a Home

Your promotional campaign may be taking place on social media or even offline as an on-site giveaway, but today’s digital age requires a campaign to have a semi-permanent online presence.  In other words, create a landing page on your website where visitors can read through the details and sign-up (if applicable).

A landing page provides an added bonus because you’ll have an easier time spreading the word about the promotion – providing a simple link to everyone who’s interested.  Once you’ve created your landing page, make sure to highlight the promotion on other areas of your website – especially on the homepage.

Resort Marketing Tip #3 – Get the Word Out

You’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked.  Your resort marketing department likely has a whole host of tools available to you, such as social media channels, email lists, and connections with the sales department.  In addition to social shares and email blasts, consider including a link in your booking confirmations.  This is especially powerful if you’re giving away a prize that’s to be enjoyed by guests – such as a day in a resort cabana, spa credits, or free dinner at an onsite restaurant.

For more resort marketing tips, read our post: Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Private Cabana Investment.

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